Saturday, November 10, 2012

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The Irish Government has failed the ordinary men and women of this beautiful Island of Ireland. The economy is in tatters, our people who were born and educated here can see no light at the end of the tunnel and moving abroad and home owners who were sold mortgagees under false pretenses are now at the end of their tether and throwing the keys to their homes back to the banks. Greedy Fat Cats are lining their pockets by taking large salaries/pensions from the most vulnerable people of this country that people stand out in the rain and cold collecting charity money for (by the way, that the Government subsidies)!!..
Former Anglo execs McAteer & Whelan to be spared jail!
The judge in the Anglo Irish Bank trial has ruled that a State agency led two former executives of the bank into error and illegality, and said it would be unjust to imprison the men.
Judge Martin Nolan adjourned sentencing of Anglo's former head of lending in Ireland, Patrick Whelan, and the bank's former finance director, William McAteer, to assess suitability for community service. Would you or I get away with this? Would we fcek!!
Chief Executive Angela Kerins annual salary - €240.000 per annum!!
Rehab paid Frank Flannery €409,000 from 2007-2013 for consultancy work!!
12 of its executives earned over €100,000 per annum.
The sad part about this total greed is that people that needed this charity money had to do without whilst these greedy fat cats lived the high life!!
Are you struggling to make ends meet?
If you're struggling to pay the new taxes the Irish Government has put on us take a look at how the country 'leaders' are struggling!!

Basic TD: €92,672 a year, that is, €7,722 a month or €1,782 per week.

Irish cabinet ministers are paid minimum of €169,275 (excluding expenses, such as the €12k p.a. un-vouched ‘travel expenses’). As Taoiseach, Mr Kenny is on €200k p.a., while his subordinate Mr Gilmore is on €184.4k p.a.
To put this in context, the leaders of states many times the size of ours – which are not bankrupt – are getting paid: German Chancellor – €192k; French President – €180k; UK PM – €178k.

AllowancesTravel and Accommodation: €12,000-€37,850 per annum depending on distance from the Leinster House. Senators get paid €7,000-€32,850 per annum and so-called “office holders” get paid €8,400-€36,150 per annum
Public Representation Allowance: €15,000 for TDs (no evidence of expenditure required – unvouched) or up to €25,700 (supported by invoices and receipts – vouched); Ministers €12,000 (unvouched) to €20,000 (vouched); Senators €9,250 (unvouched) to €15,000 (vouched)
Dual Abode allowance: This applies to ministers only and allows Ministers to claim tax deductions on mortgages, rental or hotel accommodation PLUS tax deductions for maintaining property and other expenses which can be up to €6,500 UNVOUCHED. According to Minister for Finance, Michael Noonan “a tax deduction can be claimed in respect of the amount of the annual interest actually paid on any loan taken out to purchase the second residence. In addition, Ministers can claim a deduction for the actual vouched costs expended in maintaining the second residence. Examples of maintenance costs in such circumstances are lighting, heating, repairs and insurance.
As an alternative to vouched maintenance expenses, a tax deduction may be claimed on an amount of €6,500 per annum.” And “If the second residence is rented accommodation, Ministers can claim for the actual cost of renting the accommodation (i.e. the annual rent). In addition, Ministers can claim a tax deduction for the actual vouched costs expended in maintaining the second residence. Examples of maintenance costs in such circumstances are lighting, heating and insurance of contents. As an alternative to vouched expenses, a tax deduction may be claimed on an amount of €4,500 per annum” and “If Ministers use hotel or guesthouse accommodation as a second residence, they can claim for the actual cost of room rental (i.e. the annual hotel/guest house bill excluding meals, etc). In addition, they can claim for the actual vouched additional costs associated with maintaining a second residence in a hotel. Examples of maintenance costs in such circumstances are laundry, etc. As an alternative to vouched expenses, a tax deduction may be claimed on an amount of €3,500 per annum.”

Further 'Perks'
Each minister and minister of state, except An Taoiseach, An Tanaiste and justice minister, is entitled to recruit two drivers apiece at a cost which is charged to each department.
When ministers spend the night in a hotel, they can get reimbursed for the cost of the hotel PLUS 15% as a service charge – movies and laundry I guess – plus €72.66 for subsistence – those mini-bars are bandits!
When any members attend certain so-called “parliamentary assemblies” eg the OSCE, they can claim hotel expenses, a subsistence allowance plus up to 80% of the allowance for “casual entertaining”
A Parliamentary Assistant
Up to €41,092 per TD for secretarial assistance, PR, IT and training
€8,000 per TD to set up and kit out a constituency office
Free parking in central Dublin
Subsidised restaurant
Private Members bar at Leinster House with subsidised drinks
Free tax advice service
Free language lessons
Postage – 1,500 free postage items per month for TDs and 1,000 for senators
Free toner cartridges up to a maximum value of €2,000 annually (reporting suggests this was introduced after Sinn Fein’s Aengus O’Snodaigh had been requesting 2-3 toner cartridges per day at a cost of about €130 each)
Free unlimited fixed line telephone calls
Max of €750 every 18 months to buy a new mobile phone
Dail office and conference room facilities
VHI Group scheme (this is paid for)
Automobile Association group scheme (eg €46 for Home Start)
Insurance (eg Contents cover for constituency office €51.50)
Personal Accident (prices not available) and death insurance (costs €60-90 per month)